The history of the AL-MANNAI family in the field of Trading goes back to 1824 when Mr. Salem Bin Darwish Al-Mannai, the head of the family established the Pearl Trading Business in Bahrain. Today we are specialized in and well known for selling top quality natural pearls and trading in these unique precious stones in Bahrain and throughout the Gulf countries.


        Since the year 1950, our Jewellery Manufacturing Division have gained an outstanding reputation in creating exclusive and very unique Jewellery Artefacts that are especially designed for our clients and are made out of Gold or Silver with magnificent gemstones and pearls. One of our main clients are the Top Officials of the Bahrain Government who request unique gifts for their foreign guests and officials. On their request we design and create outstanding Artefacts that take into consideration all the aspects required to be incorporated in their gifts, especially those that relate to the rich heritage and culture of Barhain.

        The Jewellery Manufacturing Division activities comprises mainly of:

        1. the Design and Manufacture of exclusive and unique State and Government Gifts for the Government of Bahrain and other Gulf countries.

        2. The Manufacture of the local Bahraini and Arabian Jewellery in 21 Karat Gold, which are sold through our Retail Division or Exported to our clients In other Gulf countries.

        3. The Manufacture of 18 Karat Jewellery with all kinds of precious and semi Precious stones.


        Our Jewellery Showroom is located in Bahrain commercial complex. Through the Showroom we display a wide variety of Jewellery sets, rings, earrings, bangles, watches and other accessories that are manufactured by well known Jewellery Houses in Europe such as, "WELLENDORFF", " ERICH KELLER", , and " CARVEN WATCHES". We also hold and distribute our own brand line of watches called "MIAD" a very special, unique and well priced watches designed in Germany and manufactured in Switzerland.

        All of our exclusive and uniquely designed Bahraini and Arabian Jewellery manufactured by us are also displyed in our showroom. Our Jewellery Designers can also cater for all types of custom design requirements for exquisite and unique Jewellery and artefacts.

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