Commercial Division offers the best of Car Care products, lubricants and accessories from world renowned manufacturers and also involved in trading and tendering for supply of various products such as industrial valves for water and sewage utilities, insulated Power and Control cables, Distribution Transformers, Equipment for sewage plants and many other products from leading manufacturers and it is registered and approved Supplier to Ministries, Private and Public industries in Bahrain.



VARTA the Battery Experts is established since 1897 and has state of art R&D facilities in Germany. Every 3rd battery supplied to automotive industry is a “VARTA” and is an OEM to major automobile manufacturers in Europe.

VARTA batteries salient features are Low water consumption, higher cold-starting power and Lead-Calcium-Silver alloys. Equipped with Advanced technology, it is consistent in performance, has an increased service life and being maintenance free, it is ideal for the hot Middle East climate. Mannai Motors is the exclusive distributor for VARTA, in the Kingdom of Bahrain and carries complete range of batteries in stock, suitable for Japanese, American, European Cars and heavy vehicles. Its product range also features special-purpose batteries for solar equipment, electrically driven chairs or golf caddies and its semi-traction batteries provide power for electrical systems on board ships, trailers, traffic light systems and building site security systems.



Mareg Batteries have trusted name in the Automotive trade and are original equipment suppliers to luxury cars. Whether it is freezing cold at the North Cape or stiffingly hot at the Equator, Mareg Batteries keep demonstrating their superiority and gives peak performance all around the globe.


Riken Tyres are manufactured by M/s. Michelin Okamoto Tyre Company in Japan. Riken manufactures Steel belted Radial Tyres for high performing passenger cars. Contemporary low profile construction provides great sidewall stability for superior driving control and the wide directional tread surface contact provides ultimate steering response, excellent high speed cornering power, superior traction and braking capability and outstanding wet surface driving performance.


Kuwait Oil is manufactured by M/s Kuwait National Petroleum Co. (KNPC) and was established in 1960. Kuwait Oil is blended from high quality base oils and a selected variety of additives to impart excellent lubricating properties under the most arduous conditions.


Pennzoil-Quaker State is owned by Shell International,U.S.A and one of the largest producers of Automotive Lubricants in U.S.A and has a robust worldwide supply network. To meet the demand of today’s advanced vehicles PZLQS has under its portfolios major international brands, which cater to special requirements pertaining to automobiles. 

PENNZOIL LUBRICANTS-  The Pennzoil branded oils are are manufactured in Europe to meet and exceed API, ACEA and European OEM Standards. 

QUAKER STATE LUBRICANTS- The Quaker State branded oils are manufactured in USA and have wide range of products for industrial and automotive applications. Major products marketed by us include Coolants and Automatic Transmission Fluids.  

BLUE CORAL AUTO CARE PRODUCTS - Blue Coral products provide for all the need for cleaning, protecting and finishing for cars to give long life on paints and upholstery. Blue Coral also markets additives products to keep your engine running in top gear.


AUTO EXPRESSIONS -Your car is an expression of you. "Auto Expressions" lets you create an environment in your car and your car can look, smell and feel the way you want it. With "Auto Expressions" it's your special car.


" Auto Expressions" is a new umbrella accessory brand for 'MEDO' Air fresheners which is available in variety of fragrance in sprays, sachets,

bottles and papers and 'AXIUS' stylish interior accessories like seat covers and comfort products.  




Exclusive range of Chamois Leathers, genuine and  synthetic, which is used for Car drying and cleaning purposes. It is available in various grades, sizes and packing, to suit various requirements. Apart from leather, Kent has huge Car Care range products like Sponges, Brushes, and Squeegees & Sprays for Washing, Car Wax, Cloth, Polish Pads & Anti-Mist Pads for polishing.




Its Xenon HID Light bulbs are best known for its clear white light, comes with 8 different fittings, for application in all makes of cars. Its 55 – 65Watts, is most suited for the original power requirements, in most cars. The revolutionary light concept, is economical in power consumption, is non-filament, with a very high life span. Research has shown that it increases the night vision of the drivers and also reflects the road markings and signs much better then conventional lighting.



Haenni Portable Scales are used to weigh loads on Heavy Vehicles and Trailers, Wheel Load Scales are lightweight, precise, and can weigh up to 30 Tons per Axle. The scales can be set up at any place within minutes.



PINZGAUER- U.K.                                                                                                             

The Pinzgauer is produced exclusively in the United Kingdom by Automotive Technik (ATL) and are exported worldwide in 30 countries. Originally designed and built by Steyr-Daimler-Puch of Austria the first Pinzgauer rolled off production in 1971

The Pinzgauer has proven its reliability in the harshest environments in the world. Many of the original vehicles are still in active military service. In trials it has proved five times more reliable than its closest rival. The Pinzgauer has an average service life of 20 years.


Various specialist body types are available like Military Weapon Platforms, Fire and Rescue Tenders, Ambulances and Water Proof Vehicles .



The world-renowned suppliers of racing clothing and tuning products have appointed Mannai Motors Services as their exclusive distributor in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

OMP products are used by many teams and drivers for various championships like F1, World Rally Championship, C.A.R.T Championship, Nascar Championship, ALMS Championship, DTM Championship, ETCC European Championship, FIA GT Championship, Endurance Touring Car Races, FIA Sports Championship, CIVT Championship, International Vintage Car Championship, Renault Championship, Karting Championship

Next time you go for Racing, Biking, Rallying or Karting, think of OMP and call 17 700150 to contact Mannai Motors Services, Commercial Division as local support partner of OMP.


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